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Architectural Textures Collection

The collection is inspired by the many bits and pieces of sights Sina has come across in her travels. The textile structures have a texture not unlike a building or cityscape itself: épingle and ottoman type weaves mimic real or visual building facades. The patterns speak to the horizontal and vertical elements that form the basis for architectural structures. Mixing them together in a single environment brings a subtlety and richness of texture to an interior space.

4 patterns, 32 colors


Flicker 500 Flicker 500
With its seemingly random horizontal stripe, Flicker captures the subtle patterns that become texture in architecture.    9 colors  |  75,000 D.R.

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Just Add Plaid 501 Just Add Plaid 501
Just Add Plaid is a grid pattern that embodies structural building lines in a textural cotton pile épingle weave.
9 colors  |  51,000 D.R.

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Plaza 502 Plaza 502
Plaza features triangular lines that mimic actual patterns found in the streets and sidewalks we use every day.
7 colors  |  102,000 D.R.

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Landmark 503 Landmark 503
Landmark is inspired by the iconic buildings that become the best of our cities’ landscape.
7 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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