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Interior Design Best of Year Winner 2017
Momentum Textiles wins Best of Year 2017 for Contract Textiles

Designers from around the globe gathered on December 1, 2017 in New York City to celebrate the Best of Year nominations for Interior Design magazine. Momentum Textiles is proud to announce we received the 2017 award for Best of Year in the Contract Textiles category for the Shantell Martin Collection!

This was the 12th Annual Best of Year Celebration to honor the world’s most outstanding projects and products within the interior design industry. Approximately 2,300 submissions were made and narrowed down to 113 design category winners. To the many honorees and winners this is a very prestigious design recognition. Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen articulated the celebratory tone of this event best, “To be in this industry really is the best of year.”

All winners and honorees are posted on the Interior Design website. Visit to read more about this amazing event.