Please use the reference guide & specifications to determine which cleaning code applies to the textile you have selected.

C Machine washable, water temp. not to exceed 160° F, use synthetic detergent. Tumble dry 3 to 5 minutes on synthetic cycle (110° F).
D Dry clean only.
L Clean with warm water and mild soap, using clean cloth, as soon as possible.
P Clean with detergent and water or perchlorethylene.
R Detailed recommended cleaning and/or disinfecting procedures are available upon request.
S Only pure, water-free solvents may be used. CAUTION: Use of water-based or detergent-based solvents may cause shrinking and/or permanent water stains.
SM Same as S. Do not brush.
SW Clean with water-based cleaning agents, foam or pure water-free solvents (Energine, Carbona, Renuzit or other similar products). Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup.
W Water-based cleaning agents or foam may be used.
WS See SW.
X Brush or vacuum only.
XS Brush and vacuum only, NO liquid cleaners.