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April 2017 - Island Blues

This month we introduce the Island Collection, named for Iceland, which its citizens call Island. The collection includes a group of three highly textured patterns inspired by Iceland’s magnificent landscape. Have you been to Iceland? If so, you know that blue appears throughout the country including its extraordinary Highlands rhyolite mountains and the stunning Glacier Lagoon. Even the country’s number one tourist destination, the Blue Lagoon, has an unforgettable turquoise blue hue. Our patterns in blue include Landscape, a chenille stripe woven selvage to selvage in a random color sequence; Mossy, a luxurious yet durable and bleach cleanable chenille reminiscent of the lichens and mosses found on many stones along Iceland’s black beaches; and Northern Lights, a multi-color geometric pattern (also bleach cleanable) inspired by the glorious light shows of winter skies. For contrast, we add Sparkler, a shimmery polyurethane the color of glacial ice, and Everywhere, a smooth polyurethane in a color as deep as the sea. Read more about the colors of Iceland (Island) in the Iceland Travel Journal.