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April 2019 - Spring for a Lighter Palette

This month we’re exploring the warm tones of terra cotta and brick, mixed with neutral beige in our newest Spring Collection, Architectural Textures, along with two new great basics, Fling and Everywhere EPU. We explore durable épingle weaves with Flicker, which has a subtle pattern of ivory flecks on 9 softer toned hues while Plaza’s linear motif adds pattern to the fabric’s solid metallic 7 colorways. Both textiles are inspired by the colors and textures we see in our cities, on a building’s facade, or the visual detail seen on walkways and plazas. Our two complementary “basics” are Fling, a high performance classic tweedy weave available in 24 fresh colorways, and Everywhere EPU, an indoor/outdoor high performance polyurethane in 30 colorways designed to be especially durable, lightfast and mildew resistant. Both of these well-priced classics are bleach cleanable and harsh chemical safe. So bring some fresh color and texture and pattern into your spaces, with our new high performance Spring 2019 collection!