Color StoriesSina Pearson
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April 2020 - Rethinking Burgundy

In these challenging times, it seems the familiar can feel reassuring. Certain colors are always with us, yet come and go in the way we use them. Burgundy, an old favorite, looks even more interesting these days when combined with unexpected complements. Our Sprinter Xenon is a case in point: Woven of bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe recycled polyester, it is a high performance fabric with crisp lines and colorful geometric accents. Perfect for areas near sunny windows, this lightfast fabric will retain its deep rich color. Our smooth and textured solids include Classique’s luxurious velvet in warm Copperwisp, Prato’s recycled wool and jute in Seagrove and bleach cleanable Palette in Teal and Chalk. We like pairing all these colors with Marathon, an indoor/outdoor bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe Sunbrella Contract® multicolor pattern from our Fast Track collection which celebrates sports imagery. Think burgundy is old school? Try mixing it with some of our favorite colors, textures and solids for an up-to-date look for your future projects.