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April 2021 - Ocean Hues:
Turquoise and Blues

This month we explore deep sea tones of turquoise and blues. Calming and cool, turquoise is also the color of creativity. We love how it combines with olive and gold in textures and patterns that complement one another. Bold Plaid Coastline and Lapland Fjord are our newest bleach cleanable textiles that provide strong graphic multicolor and tone-on-tone larger scale patterns. They work perfectly with Prato Seagrove, a heathered wool/recycled jute blend and our solid velvet Classique in Shire and Bleu. Kiri Nara is a charcoal/teal stripe woven with soft chenille that offers bleach cleanable performance. Tying everything together is Blurred Plaid Teal with a highly usable multicolor mix of bright turquoise, olive, teal and deep blue yarns. Explore the beauty of turquoise and find how creative it can make you feel.