Color StoriesSina Pearson
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August 2016 - Inspired by the Forest: Bright Greens, Deep Indigo, and Charcoal

With greens that range from sap to viridian, saturated indigo blues, and greys that begin at mist and move into smoky charcoal, our color palette for August is inspired by the colors and depth of a forest. In Obi Stripe, each colorway incorporates five tonal hues with punctuations of silver. By using differing weave structures in the stripes, we are able to add detail and interest to a tried and true pattern. Our leather-textured polyurethane, Turkish Delight, has a plush hand and is a dream to upholster. It comes 12 colors and is PCV-free. And for an indoor or outdoor multi-color textile, Confetti is your solution. Woven from 100% Sunbrella® solution dyed yarn, Confetti blends a range of hues into a seamless all-over graphic pattern. Just like mother nature, these fabrics are forgiving too. They are bleach cleanable and are durable enough for high traffic spaces. So why not bring the outside in?