Color StoriesSina Pearson
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August 2019 -
Jewel Tones in the Garden

Summer seems to take on a new flavor after the first of August. Dusk arrives earlier and our gardens fill with perennials in late summer’s jewel tones. Asters, coneflowers and dahlias come to mind as do plums and figs from the farmers’ markets. So this month’s color story plays with those rich hues, and mixes them with deep neutrals. We love the color-with-neutral magenta and plum in Landmark and Obi Stripe that complement Palette Aubergine and Breeze Hibiscus. Plaza’s textured surface plays off the smooth texture of Everywhere EPU indoor/outdoor polyurethane. Not only do these linear patterns work in any interior environment, but they are also all bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe, so their rich deep tones will stay colorful. Enjoy the last days of summer and all the spectacular colors it brings.