Color StoriesSina Pearson
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August 2020 - Into the Woods

If you’ve ever been in a forest you’ve probably experienced moments of cool and quiet and countless shades of green. Of course, you can also see one of nature’s best gifts by sitting under a single tree in your own backyard. This month’s color story is inspired by our forests and trees that make those visits magical and features patterns from our newest collection, Light. The larger scale geometric Sunbeam includes two earthy green shades and Light, the collection’s namesake pattern, has a multicolor design. Cozy, our classic boucle solid contrasts with their woodsy tones. All three high performance patterns are bleach cleanable for easy maintenance. For a luxurious touch, add our natural fiber solid complements Imperial Mohair velvet and wool Felt Melange. Like a walk in the woods, these tones of greens and deep dark neutrals can bring a forest’s sense of calm into any interior space.