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February 2017 - We Love Red

What better color is there than red? It can act as a color accent on its own, or be the perfect complement to a myriad of other colors. We’re thinking about red this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day. We love red in our bleach cleanable, harsh chemical safe patterns Layers, Ribbons and Sprinter that are woven with recycled polyester and made in the U.S.A. We love red in our inherently flame resistant and washable Trevira CS polyester fabrics Hue and Destinations. Designed for upholstery use, these washable fabrics are also perfect for all vertical applications. We love red in our dimensional polyester fabric Mesh, which brings a fresh, hi-tech look to any upholstery seating unit. Since Mesh also passes ASTM E-84 wall covering test, it can be used for vertical surfaces as well. We love red in our solution dyed nylon pattern In Stitches, perfect for spaces that require durable and cleanable fabrics. So bring some color into your life, and join us, as we love red.