Color StoriesSina Pearson
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February 2020 - Unexpected: Mix Cool and Calm with High Performance Features

This month, as winter’s short days turn longer, we are looking at cool and calm colors in elegant weaves unexpectedly paired with hi-tech performance products. Our luxurious yet durable wool satin weave Lana is shown in two watery blues and is available in an additional 46 glorious colorways. Illumina is a lustrous silky velvet in a total of 40 colorways, and like Lana, exceeds 100,000 double rubs. We add a linen-like texture with Shadow, which is woven with inherently flame resistant Trevira CS polyester, so it passes virtually any flame code for fabric installations. Our easy to clean Relay polyurethane in Chrome brings a metallic-like smooth surface to the mix. Tying it altogether is Measure, a Sunbrella Contract® bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe indoor/outdoor multicolor geometric stripe. With these tones in high performance fabrics you can have a cool and calm setting in any interior space and still meet the most stringent textile requirements.