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February 2021 - The Beginnings of Change

In many gardens and flower markets February can bring the first hint of awakening after a long cold winter season. With longer days, the temperatures moderate, willows show their soft grey catkins and the earliest blooming daffodils emerge. This month’s Color Story takes its cue from nature. Warm yellow tones are found in our Mossy chenille velvet and Marathon Sunbrella Contract® multicolor graphic, while Chameleon, Mix and Honeycomb tone-on-tone patterns mimic the silvery grey of willow pods. Everywhere EPU has both the grey and yellow colors in its range. These patterns, textures and plains are all durable, bleach cleanable and designed to be used in spaces requiring the highest performance standards. Find your own way to combine this soft yet strong neutral grey and reaffirming yellow hue as you explore our textile offerings.