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July 2015 - We've Got the Scandinavian Blues

Whether it's Sweden and Finland's Baltic Sea or Norway and Denmark's North Sea, Scandinavia is surrounded by blue. In Iceland, glacial ice creeps toward the sea forming a natural blue lagoon. Near Reykjavik, you can also swim in the Blue Lagoon, a man-made milky blue body of water heated by thermal power. This month, we continue our exploration of Nordic countries' colors as we cool down with Scandinavian Blues.

Our Nordic Collection's Folklore and Cozy can bring texture to cool, hard surface workspaces. Folklore has a large scale version of traditional folk patterns while its complement Cozy is a soft and cozy plain. Both patterns are cleanable with harsh chemicals and bleach solutions. We pair them with Sparkler, our newest polyurethane, which offers an icy cool reflective surface. So in the heat of summer, imagine yourself near the Artic circle, amongst the seas and icebergs of Scandinavia, in an ocean of blue. How cool!

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