Color StoriesSina Pearson
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July 2020 - Watery Blues

This month we’re thinking about our beautiful lakes, rivers, bays and oceans that cool us on the warmest days. Whether we visit them in real life or with our imagination, those natural wonders’ watery blue hues also provide a sense of calm and peace. Why not bring that feeling from the outdoors into our interior spaces? Our favorite blues include rich teal, as in our Cozy boucle, or soft aqua in worsted wool satin Lana. They can also be mixed with light and dark neutrals as in our Northern Lights, a horizontal striped multi-color pattern. What works with watery blues? Soft beige tones in Illumina velvet and Fleecey’s indoor-outdoor Sunbrella Contract® chenille or the deep black and fine line detail seen in Sprinter. All these fabrics include high performance durability features, and Cozy, Northern Lights, Fleecey and Sprinter are bleach cleanable as well. These days, it’s easy to bring the outdoors in and experience its beautiful blues.