Color StoriesSina Pearson
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June 2019 - Summer Blues

Whether you spend time at the pool, lake or beach, or just enjoy summer’s blue skies, blue is the color of summer. This month’s color story is especially appropriate for June because all these textiles are designed for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Sunbrella Contract® fabrics include Lines on Stripes, which features a bold thick and thin stripe with a lattice overlay; Triangles, a striking pattern with a random color placement; Icon, a crisp color-with-white mid-scale geometric; and Fleecey, a solid weave with soft chenille yarns. We added our new smooth surface Everywhere EPU for textural contrast. It, too, is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect complement for our Sunbrella Contract® fabrics. All these textiles are extremely durable, colorfast and cleanable with harsh chemicals or bleach making them perfect for any space, indoors or outside, where performance is a priority.