Color StoriesSina Pearson
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June 2020 - Poppy: The Color of Early Summer

I’ve always thought of poppies as the best of early summer flowers. After a long, cold winter, their simple trumpet-like orange shape and fragile looking leaves bring a glorious sight to wild spaces or one’s own cultivated garden. This month’s color story is inspired by poppies’ bright, bold color and the flower’s ability to survive the harshest conditions. Our Wools Collection includes three durable, yet luxurious and timeless textures. Wool Weave in Nectar and Poppy colorways is a dramatic twill in large scale yarns in the flower’s varied hues. Wool Multi Tangelo brings together hot pink-with-orange in a multicolor solid, and Wool Boucle Ivory is the perfect contrast in its soft, luxurious texture. For indoor/outdoor areas that need bleach cleanable/harsh chemical-safe fabrics we include Icon Poppy and Terrace Flip Flops, both made with Sunbrella Contract® yarns. Each of these durable, high performance fabrics and their featured colorways speak to their inspiration: While seemingly fragile, the poppy’s perseverance in returning year after year, is its greatest gift to us all.