Color StoriesSina Pearson
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March 2018 -
Looking Forward to Spring

As winter winds down, don’t we all look forward to spring? The days are longer, and we find a hint of new growth in our gardens. There’s nothing like the color of spring greens, and in this month’s color story we explore some of our favorites, with complements of off-white, soft grey and charcoal. Allover has a bold pattern perfect for larger spaces like cafeteria dining and collaborative seating. Because it is Sunbrella Contract®, it is usable in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our smooth surfaced polyurethane Relay has a luminescent sheen that reflects light in a subtle manner. Mix and Palette offer texture done two ways: color with white (Mix) and solid (Palette). Both are part of the Hi-Tech Overshot Collection, which include brights and new neutrals. Each of these high performance patterns is durable and cleanable with bleach or harsh chemicals. Fresh, clean colors that are designed to stay that way.