Color StoriesSina Pearson
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March 2019 - Our Favorite Color of Spring

After a long winter season, we are longing for a bit of spring. And isn’t green the color that best represents this glorious season? Bringing green into our interior spaces can add that fresh feeling we all need, whatever the time of the year. This month’s color story includes grass greens mixed with white and cool blues. Our Palette and Mix fabrics provide chunky textures perfect for any furniture, even with curvilinear shapes, and mid-scale graphic patterns Icon, Gradient and Terrace are woven with indoor/outdoor Sunbrella Contract® yarns. All these bleach cleanable, high performance woven patterns and textures are perfectly complemented by Everywhere EPU, our newest smooth surfaced polyurethane. Manufactured to be extraordinarily durable, and available in 30 sunfast colors, this revolutionary product is perfect for any seating, indoors or out. It’s not hard to look forward to spring, but with these durable textiles, we can enjoy it even more!