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March 2021 - A Field of Greens

Green, the color of life, renewal, tranquility and health, brings us soothing tones when we need it the most. Winter is behind us and spring is on the horizon. In March we celebrate all things green or soon to be green. Our greens include a wide spectrum of this enduring hue. Our newest patterns Blurred Plaid and Rustic capture brighter green yarns mixed with complementary warm tones of olive, rust and beige. Rustic is also seen here in an off-white colorway, made with undyed, natural wool yarns. Sunbeam is a larger scale linear pattern woven with wool-like textured yarns in cool black and forest green while Melange and Palette’s solid color textures and Illumina’s shimmery surface provide the perfect complements to our multi-toned patterns. So choose green, any green, and bring the color of nature and harmony into your interior spaces.