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May 2017 - Cool Temps Warming Up

It felt like a long winter, but now we see spring flowers and warmer temperatures. How better to celebrate than with our Sunbrella Contract® fabrics Marathon and Allover? Marathon has the energy of new-found enthusiasm for getting out and just running! Inspired by the colors and movement found in any marathon, the multi-color pattern has an exaggerated twill motif with a large repeat stripe that would be a standout in any space. Allover is a strong graphic with hand-cut circle shapes lined up “allover” the material. Both of these Sunbrella Contract® patterns are bleach cleanable and are suitable for indoor/outdoor spaces. We’ve paired them with a few of our favorite polyurethanes: Radiance, Sparkler and Groove. These shimmery “plains“ are anything but ordinary. Each one provides a reflective surface sure to brighten up any interior space.

All of these patterns meet the most demanding high performance requirements.