Color StoriesSina Pearson
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May 2020 - Nature’s Best Colors: Grass Greens and Watery Blues

There’s nothing like green paired with blue to remind us of the outdoors, and this year especially, we may feel we need to surround ourselves in nature’s best colors. We can bring nature indoors by exploring these fresh hues in high performance patterns, textures and solids designed for corporate, hospitality, healthcare and institutional spaces. We love our Felt Melange for giving us vibrant color with a heathered effect while Woven Felt uses those same wool blend fabrics in neutral tones and reimagines them into a one-of-a-kind woven structure. Pod has a non-directional matelassé pattern and Chant a classic textured surface. These solids are perfect for curvilinear organic shaped seating. Looking to combine green and blue in a single fabric? Our Measure and Anywhere fit the bill, providing crisp geometry or playful stripes in Sunbrella® Contract yarns. Both are bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe and suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Let us celebrate the beauty of our precious outdoor spaces by rediscovering the colors of the season: grass greens and watery blues.