Color StoriesSina Pearson
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October 2019 - Opposites Attract

We often find that opposites truly attract. On the color wheel, blue and orange sit on opposite sides and we love how they can complement each other. We also like to see heavy textures paired with smooth or finely detailed wovens. In this month’s Color Story, we are mixing those hues and textures in a fresh manner. Whether it’s the clear blue of hi-tech Mesh or the deep navy of our newest pattern Wool Structure, our blues cool down this color group. Smooth wovens are seen in the shimmery orange Mica II and neutrals are added with finely scaled Silk Struktur stripe and our classic Felt. Another new addition to our collection is Wool Weave, a seemingly simple twill woven in an overscaled wool yarn, shown here in Poppy and Parchment. What ties together these contrasting colors and mix of luxurious textures? Our Sunbrella Contract® Marathon, a multicolor geometric pattern designed for indoor/outdoor use. Playing with opposites can be fun, especially when mixing color, texture and pattern. The Wools Collection offers a wide range of weaves and colors to choose from.