Color StoriesSina Pearson
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September 2016 - Fall Back Into Warm Colors

The leaves are beginning to turn, hinting that nature’s palette is about to transform into brilliant gold and magenta hues. We’ve captured these colors in our story this month featuring Magic Carpet, a fabric that employs a fun allover triangular motif arranged in a long repeat with a gentle, visual rhythm. Breeze, a finely striped solid that is available in 11 saturated hues, adds a great pop of color. And to incorporate a soft texture, Kiri is a multicolor chenille stripe. Breeze and Kiri contribute to LEED-CI due to their recycled content. Groove, a PVC-free polyurethane, adds some shimmer to this colorful group. All of these patterns are also bleach cleanable. So while nature changes seasons, be assured that these fabrics will provide high performance features all year round.