Color StoriesSina Pearson
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September 2019 - Explore the Colors of Magical Everywhere EPU

What makes Everywhere EPU magical? Our new high-performance PVC-free polyurethane, Everywhere EPU, is not only an extremely durable product, affordable, usable indoors and outside but has a great environmental story as well. It is produced using no water and 56% less energy. Greenguard certified, Everywhere EPU also uses zero waste chemicals and zero solvents in production. Everywhere EPU’s colorways have also been designed so that each and every color pairs perfectly with at least two others. Choose any three colors and start your project. Choose any three colors and find the perfect complements to any finished project. With a 10-year warranty, Everywhere EPU’s hues will bring lasting color to any space.

This month we’ve put together different kinds of greens in a color story that is fresh and practical. All three of our Everywhere EPU greens perfectly complement our Sunbrella Contract® indoor-outdoor Confetti Meadow’s multicolor graphic. Fling Sprout and Palette Galena and Grass bring texture to the mix. What do we also love about these textiles? They’re all bleach cleanable/harsh chemical safe. So whatever color is your vibe, you can find your favorite in Everywhere EPU.