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The second collaboration with Hable Construction, the Colorscape Collection, draws inspiration from whimsical organic shapes that can be found in the natural world. The collection exudes a modern playfulness incorporating vibrant and unexpected color combinations.

7 patterns in 50 colors

Thistle Thistle
Inspired by a slice of summer fruit, Thistle’s bold and graphic design makes a stylish statement.
7 colors  |  40,000 D.R.

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Braided Braided
Organic and contemporary, the crisp, solid linework twirls as strands of seaweed in the wind.
7 colors  |  51,000 D.R.

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Marie Marie
A design adopted from plantings seen in a garden box layout, Marie features a chic, modern colorline.
5 colors  |  103,000 D.R.

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Silk Rain Silk Rain
Delicate, knotted strings of silk inspired this design. Its small scale makes it a perfect coordinate.
7 colors  |  103,000 D.R.

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Blockstripe Blockstripe
Inspired by the view looking down on a busy NYC street, this vibrant pattern evokes movement and verve.
9 colors  |  40,000 D.R.

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Springs Springs
A nostalgic nod to an old-time telephone cord, the multicolored Springs pattern is fun and playful.
5 colors  |  90,000 D.R.

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Linae Linae
A colorful, small scaled, full-faced chenille stripe that will complement a myriad of featured patterns.
10 colors  |  75,000 D.R.

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