Sustainable Textile Design
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Silica was created to be the most sustainable alternative to vinyl.

PVC free coated fabrics are better for
the environment, safer for human health and longer lasting.   read more [>]
Naked Nylon® was created to be the most sustainable performance fabric.

Naked Nylon is made from the first new
recycled yarn for the contract textiles industry
in more than 15 years.   read more [>]
Recycled Fibers

Recycled fibers are made using less energy, less
water consumption and produce less greenhouse
gas emissions.   read more [>]
Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are rapidly renewable
and create clear, saturated color.

read more [>]
Net Energy Producer

Renovations made to our corporate facility have eliminated 85.2 tons of carbon annually. We are a net energy producer, generating more energy than we use.   read more [>]