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The Felderman Keatinge Collection

Momentum Textiles, in collaboration with the award winning design team Stanley Felderman & Nancy Keatinge,
is pleased to introduce a vibrant new collection of patterns. Inspired by Stanley Felderman’s original artwork, The Felderman Keatinge Collection is a sensory experience between movement, color and light. This collection of six upholstery textiles is a venture into a new area of creativity and expression – another opportunity for Felderman and Keatinge to touch the community with strong and lasting design.

6 patterns, 45 colors

Cityscape Cityscape
Using bright hues, a layering motif and textural changes, Cityscape imparts a sense of movement and energy.
7 colors  |  50,000 D.R.

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Spontaneous Spontaneous
The pattern is a high energy, richly colored and dimensional exploration of the interplay of color and light.
9 colors  |  75,000 D.R.

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Memory Memory
This pattern features an ultra soft and refined chenille yarn woven into an intricately interlocking hexagonal pattern.
6 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Traction Traction
Inspired by classic Chanel tweed suiting fabric, Traction features a chenille yarn paired with carefully crafted weaves.
8 colors  |  95,000 D.R.

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Site Line Site Line
Color and linework layer appear and disappear to create a complex lattice pattern that amuses and moves the eye.
7 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Rush Hour Rush Hour
Pattern Rush Hour is defined by bands of vibrant hues broken up and layered with textural weaves.
8 colors  |  50,000 D.R.

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