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Magnusson Collection

Five new upholstery patterns created
by Carl Gustav Magnusson and
Emanuela Frattini Magnusson which
bridge the gap between geometry
and artistry. Clear, unique colors
are a core element of this high-performance corporate collection.

Cairns Cairns
An expansive diamond pattern freed from traditional uniformity creating a thoroughly contemporary spin.
4 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Malmo Malmo
Circles placed on an almost-perfect grid form a matrix, over which a layer of playful symbols is scattered.
9 colors  |  90,000 D.R.

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Riga Riga
Carefree, this pattern loosens the typical stark boundaries of a rigid stripe.
9 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Nagoya Nagoya
Graceful dotted lines trace the light handed paths of Japanese gardens, adorned with colorful focal points.
9 colors  |  125,000 D.R.

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Turin Turin
Colorful stripes flow beneath a grid, exemplifying the emancipated geometric theme of the collection.
9 colors  |  125,000 D.R.

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