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The Mirage Collection

The word Mirage comes from the Latin root meaning “to look at or to wonder at”. It is also defined as an illusion, or something unattainable. The Mirage Collection explores two such experiences, one actual and one imagined. Blurred Plaid is about a moment preserved in my memory, while Rustic is about a place I hoped to see in the future.

2 patterns, 16 colors

Blurred Plaid 527 Blurred Plaid 527
Blurred Plaid captures the fleeting view from a Shinkansen (bullet train) window in color and pattern.
8 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Rustic 528 Rustic 528
Woven with a blend of wool and cotton, Rustic exemplifies everything I imagined the Faroe Islands to be.
8 colors  |  45,000 D.R.

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