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Gina Triplett
  • Impromptu Collection
  • 7 patterns, 43 colors
  • Hand-painted designs
  • Bright, buoyant color

Exuberant and forward-looking, the Impromptu collection from LoomSource features the talents of illustrator Gina Triplett. It features Gina’s unique handcrafted aesthetic and a vivid color palette.

“Gina’s bold use of color and the graphic detail of her artwork was an ideal fit for hospitality,” says Eddie Elizondo, Director of Marketing, Momentum Group.

Gina is known for her work for such companies including Target, Apple, Starbucks, Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters. The design team was drawn to the Philadelphia-based illustrator’s eccentric large-scale patterns and intense, eclectic color combinations in her work.

“We were looking for an aesthetic that would evoke a feeling optimism and allow for vibrant colorations. When we saw Gina’s work—especially the fresh graphic interpretation of flora motifs what she had done for Apple and Target—we knew we had found it!” said Lydia Morgan, Senior Designer, Momentum Group.

“Most of my assignments in the past have been singular images. That said, I've always been interested in fabric, pattern, and repeats. The sense of composition is so different. With the single image there are borders to the composition and with patterns the stopping and starting points aren't designated—it's about guiding the eye across a surface that could start and end at variable points. The variety and different manners of composition are fun, and keep things fresh for me,” says Gina Triplett.

The Impromptu collection comprises seven patterns. Impromptu, the namesake pattern, features stylized blooms with a free-spirited dynamic. Shivaree, a whimsical medallion floral design, is woven with a print-like clarity, and Fête has a simple, dandelion design with tonal hues and metallic accents. Two striped patterns, a chenille, and a chenille-bouclé hybrid round out the collection. In total, there are 45 SKUs. The fabrics range in composition; blends include MBDC-certified post-consumer and postindustrial recycled polyester.

The design team’s primary challenge was to do justice to the print-like quality of Gina’s designs, and find detailed and finely woven constructions that would allow maximum color and pattern clarity. Unique colorways include neutrals with pops of bright color, black linework on a neutral background, and bold pairings of such hues as magenta and chartreuse.

Gina Triplett grew up in rural Minnesota, surrounded by fields, woods and corn. An early penchant for telling stories to her many younger siblings led her to the narrative and expressive format of illustration.

Her time as an illustrator has led her though many facets of illustration. She has worked with editorial clients that have included The New York Times and Rolling Stone. She has illustrated books for nearly every major publisher, including Random House, Little Brown and Penguin. She has worked on a number of advertising campaigns including posters for Apple and gift cards for Target. Her latest work has carried her into branding and products. These projects have included a signature shoe by Converse, journals by Chronicle Books, and a new visual identity for Whole Foods Market.

Her work has been featured on the pages of American Illustration, The Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Print’s Regional Design Annual, and The Society of Illustrators Annual. Print selected her for their New Visual Artist review, Communication Arts featured her in their Fresh column, and Step put her art on the cover for their Women in Illustration issue. She has been included in several illustration anthologies including The Picture Book, Curvy, and Illustration Now, which featured her art on the cover of the hardback edition.

Her commissioned work draws heavily upon her personal explorations. She paints collaboratively with her husband, Matt Curtius, and together they have exhibited in a number of galleries in the US and abroad. She lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.