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Shantell Martin
  • Shantell Martin Collection
  • 4 patterns, 30 colors
  • Interior Design Best of Year 2017
  • GOOD Design™ Award 2017
  • High performance

The Shantell Martin Collection is the artist’s first venture in contract textiles. Working with Momentum Textiles her drawings, thoughts and musings have been successfully translated into four interesting textiles. The designs are unique yet unified by a connecting story; a series of conversations between the elements, places and internal questions of her life and of our own.

Collaboration with an outside artist such as Shantell Martin expands the shared creative voice; the result is innovative textiles that enliven and excite designers and specifiers working in corporate interiors.

Shantell Martin with Momentum Textiles has been involved in several industry events. She was the keynote speaker at the Interior Design Giants event in early 2017. During this event she spoke to 200+ industry leading designers and architects about her work as an artist.

In 2017 The Shantell Martin fabrics became part of the permanent collection of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. Momentum Textiles worked with the museum to upholster the atrium pillows in Shantell Martin fabric. The fabrics were installed during the spring 2017 textile exhibit creating a beautiful display of her textiles in use.

About the collection

Shantell Martin sees each fabric in the collection as unique yet connected in telling a unifying story of conversations, landscapes, questioning and progressing. In keeping with this theme, the collection’s color story focuses on vibrant modern hues which stand alone, but are also paired in atypical and striking combinations creating a harmonious color statement. With Shantell Martin’s signature black and white combinations as an anchor to the collection, the other colorways are free to challenge conventional thinking about color and value. The color sensibility of the collection is free spirited, experimental, confident and effortlessly cool much like Shantell Martin herself.