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Leo Bushell

  • Senior Technical Designer
    CAD and Technical Specialist
  • Joined Momentum in 2004
  • Textile Design
    North Carolina State University

Leo Bushell has always had an inquisitive mind, unbridled creativity, and an inherent grasp of the mechanics behind the design of products. In short, he embraces and explores the form and the function of objects in his surroundings.

Ever since Leo could hold a pencil, he has been drawing, sketching, doodling. He later spent hours in the garage learning how to use tools, taking apart bicycles and skateboards, and building objects with wood. As a teenager he took an interest in stained glass, designing, building and installing large stained glass windows in the homes of his clients. 

Leo attended North Carolina State University, where his studies included a year abroad at a German university studying textiles.  After obtaining a degree in Textile Design in 2000, Leo accepted a job at Burlington Industries, and began to work intensively with a CAD program to design and engineer fabrics, combining his graphic pattern design talent with his exploration of various weaving techniques. 

In his words: "Textile design is composed of two major segments: There is the two-dimensional graphic design, unique because it is designed in repeat, and then there is the three dimensional construction of the fabric resulting from various ways of weaving the yarns together, providing depth, texture, and hand. I have a passion for designing in repeat, and have been fascinated by the engineering aspect of weaving, and so, have embraced both segments for a ‘total design experience’ and I believe that the marriage of these two passions yields new and innovative ways of designing and weaving successful textile products."

Leo joined Momentum Group in 2006 as the CAD Designer.  In this unique position, Leo maintains direct control of the entire design and fabric construction process, allowing Momentum to fine tune products to the specifications desired.

Leo has created many successful in-line patterns for Momentum; two of his healthcare designs received the Interior Design Best of year award in 2009. He has also collaborated with other industry designers to create award winning fabrics. 

Leo is also an avid woodworker with an obsession for chair design. He spends his free time in his woodshop, designing and building furniture.