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High-traffic interiors are transformed with the next generation of advanced wall protection. P3TEC’s technical innovation is presented in a beautiful collection with three key advantages: exceptional performance, compelling designs, and ease of handling and installation. It’s possible to create a full-height, seamless installation with the textured look of natural textiles and cutting-edge designs, with the assurance of protection against impact, chemicals and abrasion.

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Momentum Group Acquires D.L.Couch, Eykon and TRI-KES

The combined companies have complementary strengths, shared core values, and annual revenue of $200 million. The scale of the joined companies will provide unique product innovation opportunities, new technologies, and best-in-class operating processes.

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Published by Office Insight

June 1, 2019

Lanark Louis is a new wallcovering pattern designed by Lanark stylist, Kathy Wisniski, in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind.

Initially inspired by the tactility of Braille letterforms, Louis features 30 embossed words that represent qualities of the human spirit we all possess and strive to implement in our lives.

We hope this design brings awareness to the history of Braille, the beautiful simplicity of the code itself and how it can open up worlds for the blind and people with low vision.

About Braille

First developed in the 1820s by a blind French teen named Louis Braille, Braille is a system of six raised dots that can be read with the fingers. Today, the Braille code is used all over the world in many languages.

Braille literacy is an essential pillar of success for all blind Americans, yet only about 10 percent of students who need Braille are taught it in schools. To address this lack of appropriate education, the National Federation of the Blind offers numerous Braille outreach programs each year to promote and increase Braille literacy. Learn more at and

A percentage of sales will be donated to the National Federation of the Blind to support Braille literacy.


Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Commercial Wallcoverings
November 1, 2018

We are excited to officially announce the launch of the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Commercial Wallcoverings. It is thoughtfully designed to inspire and created to help tell your story with beautiful and purposeful patterns that suit your unique style. The collection is comprised of durable Type II wallcoverings, as well as handmade wallcoverings to provide the right balance between pretty and practical. Scroll down to view highlights from the collection.

Tudor (handmade veneer with foil) and Keystone (durable type II) with their linear tringles network into distinctive allover patterns against a backdrop of textural concrete.

Belvedere is reminiscent of vintage pavers. This handmade honeycomb pattern has the look of natural, cerused wood.

Inkwell is a subtle grid pattern marked by layers of horizontal lines and vertical watercolor stripes.

Here’s the story with Editorial; actual newspaper columns create a distinctive casual pattern with sophisticated polish when printed in metallic against a textural linen background.

Benchmark (handmade from organic hyacinth leaves and foil) and Preservation (durable type II) create images of aged woodgrain adjoin to form the look of rough sawn salvaged planks.