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The Pantheon Collection

Momentum Textiles presents the Pantheon Collection: showcasing an innovative new product called Bella-Pure®. Building on the strength of our Naked Nylon® and Naked Poly products, our design team partnered with the makers of Bella-Dura® to create a new total-performance construction with no added chemical finishes that can be used indoors or outdoors.

5 patterns, 54 colors

Pantheon Pantheon
Sweeping lines trace a network of concentric hexagons above a pinstriped ground, offering a bold look.
8 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Strum Strum
This pattern serves as the anchor of the collection, coordinating well with all the other patterns.
13 colors  | 120,000 D.R.

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Raft Raft
Blocks of color seem to merge and shift in this allover pattern.
8 colors  |  75,000 D.R.

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Highline Highline
Named after the the public park in New York City that is created from an elevated freight rail line.
12 colors  |  100,000 D.R.

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Guideline Guideline
Connected grids of two or three different shapes, but that is only a small part of its 43" repeat.
13 colors  |  80,000 D.R.

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