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Wallcovering Collection
by Patty Madden

The Wallcovering Collection designed by Patty Madden is Momentum Textiles’ first PVC free sustainable wallcovering. This foundational collection transcends markets with products suitable for everyday use. Working perfectly well in corporate, hospitality, higher education, healthcare and retail environments, the Wallcovering Collection has a robust sustainable story as well as exceptional performance. It cleans easily and hangs beautifully without the environmental issues of a vinyl wallcovering.

6 patterns, 82 colors

Floorplan Floorplan
Lenticular filament shapes converge with flat light seeking platforms to create three dimensional mimicking.
10 colors

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Keystone Keystone
A printed expression of sporadic raffia slubs that scatter into a sea of perceived woven calmness.
16 colors

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Layout Layout
An interpretational roadway of shapes and tonal ribbons that merge into structural forms.
12 colors

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Soba Soba
Embossed lenticular color facets flow into a composition of sharp directional light flutter.
16 colors

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Seto Seto
Embossed lenticular grid prisms intersect reflecting color formations horizontally and vertically below the surface.
12 colors

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Seamless Seamless
The printed reflecting cross threads of Seamless intertwine and mesh into dense levels of textural purpose.
16 colors

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